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I came to Mexico following my love… and that love began to expand by gaining lovely neighbours and falling for eating tacos, burritos, mariscos, cafe de olla, smell of cinnamon, corn and salsa mexicana… Now I would love to share it with others. I want others to feel tastes, colours and smells of the life in flip flops.

At the same time I want to travel as well. I always loved to meet new people. That is why my first thought was to create a net. It will allow us to travel in a comfortable way full of pleasures and new experiences meanwhile our wallet will not be any limitation. Using you can explore, work, rest. This is the way how I imagine my life and I want to share it with others.


I love to travel. I easily gain new friends wherever I go. Rather than visiting local monuments I prefer to go with the flow of local life and evade most popular tourist trails. If I have to choose I will pick up coffee with newly made friends over a search for paintings in well known museum. Best souvenirs for me are local people’s smiles, smells, new tastes and heaps of new contacts with people all around the world.

My common answer for questions about dream job is: I would love to travel, explore local cuisine and chat with people.

And this is how came into being – born from dreams and belief that everything is possible.


We’ve met few years ago. We have similar values, plenty of common interests and theoretically we should have a close work relation many times before but finally connected us. means:

  • JOY

    our passion and joy that we want to share with the rest of the world


    because we both invest in interpersonal relations; we like people and we make friends easily; it is natural for us that will be created by people and net of contacts – for sure Magda already knows and can recommend the right person


    because travel broadens the mind and inspires

Our idea for travelling is simple: you pick up a place you want to visit and we show it to you from a local’s perspective. We save your money, we help to explore places which most of tourist guides do not mention and make friends with people from all around the world who feel and think in a similar way. was born from love, passion and absolute understanding how and what we want to do. We love our life in flip flops, our serenity, sun and space in our heads which we want to share.

Joy People Travelling


If you share our idea please join our community and register now. The world is waiting. Put on your flip flops and let’s go.