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For how much flip-flops are flying to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico?

Published on February 1, 2018 by admin

Every day I can hear questions about how to prepare for a trip and how to figure out the budget for stay at Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

The most important thing is the flight than the place you will stay and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). It is important to have a bit money for souvenirs and of course doing something crazy like sailing a pirate ship. For me it is too much but there are some people who would like to go for it. That is cool and that is fine. It is your leisure time so you do whatever you feel like.

You can get even direct flights to Puerto Vallarta from Europe. Especially from London and Manchester. Just get on board of a TUI and after 12 hours you will be in Puerto Vallarta (airport code is PVR) where you will be picked up by one of our friendly residents and brought to your the house you picked up for the stay. TUI flights depend on the season of the year so not always you will be able to travel anytime you want, however, it is worth keeping it in your mind as these flights are very cheap for example GBP 329 (around PLN 1600) both ways. To the ticket price add MXN 1335 (GBP 60 around PLN 250) and the baggage GBP 60-80 (around PLN 280-380).

You also can come here for around EUR 712 (around PLN 3000) both ways flying with AeroMexico – mexican airlines. They use different airports in Europe for example London, Madrid or Paris and you need to transfer in Mexico City to catch a flight to Puerto Vallarta what takes around 3 hours. The transfer is very operative and you do not have to bother with too much walking around the airport. The most important thing is you are traveling with joined flights so if one flight is late you will be provided with a ticket for the next available flight without any problems. Otherwise you would have to buy a new ticket – I know it from my experience.

There is plenty of flights through the US. If you have visa you can buy cheap flights through Atlanta or Houston. It might sometimes happen that you will be flying through Canada. In this case you have to remember to get an ETA number (Canadian visa that costs around CAD 7) otherwise you will not be able to check-in.

You can get Mexican tourist visa for free and it will allow you to stay there continuously for 180 days. Before landing you will be provided with some paper forms to fill ( tourist form called FMM and customs declaration) otherwise you will get the forms at the airport. After picking up your luggage you will be checked. You will have to hand the customs declaration and press a draw button (it might happen that you will draw a luggage control). You cannot bring in meat, fresh fruits, dairy products, veggies or seeds. You will have to give away sandwiches as well. All this stuff you have to leave before reaching the customs in particular place where all of it is collected.

After all of that you leave the airport feeling happy and being greeted by flip-flop resident who will escort you to the house. If by any chance you will chose to go by yourself it is better to get an uber and it should cost you around MXN 100 (around PLN 20). Because uber is bullied in Mexico it is wise to tell the service at the airport that you will meet a friend order the uber driver to catch up at a nearby bus stop. You can also use the service of white or yellow taxi but the cost will reach even MXN 500 (PLN 100).

How looks the everyday life here? How much you need to have in your pocket to feel okay? Breakfast during your stay is included so it should not bother you. But you might want to try new flavours. For a breakfast in a bistro you will spend approximately MXN 80, breakfast oysters at the beach will cost MXN 100-130. Lunch: burritos around MXN 65-100; aqua de frutas (drink) MXN 15 or something more special like tuna fillets with salad and potatoes or mahi mahi will cost MXN 250; a seafood soup will cost MXN 170; coke bottle in a grocery shop will cost MXN 12 as well as water; coconut to eat or drink will cost MXN 80. For dinner: delicious tacos 5pcs and a drink cost around MXN 75. I usually eat 3 to 4 pcs. If you want a dinner for two you will spend MXN 120.

You can assume that every day you will dine for around MXN 250 (PLN 50). For a cielo rojo drink you will spend an extra MXN 65 or for a dinner on a pirate ship you will spend MXN 1900-2500. For more adventures you can ask our resident by discussing the plan of your trip before the arrival.

Fruits and veggies have similar prices than in Europe. Sometimes you will get them cheaper especially if you buy mango, papaya or yellow melons.  Here these fruits are local not imported.

The most important thing is you can feel the freedom in flip flops. You can walk your own paths, read books under the sunshine and chat with new friends which you will meet in our flip-flop houses.

See you in Puerto Vallarta!

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